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An Introduction to 1 Timothy

When teaching a new book in the Bible we develop an introduction that covers the background, authorship, context and main themes of the work. The following is a link to our introduction to the book of 1 Timothy. ...

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Our Flow is Gospel - An Introduction to 1 Thessalonians

The following is an introduction to the first letter to the Thessalonian church in the mid century CE. It covers various historical and cultural background issues as well as personal, theological themes in 1 Thessalonians. ...

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Warchild - The Backstory of Baby Jesus

While many people celebrate Christmas, not many understand and appreciate the weight of Christ's birth. Some may sing songs about it. Others may even have had school plays about it. However, few seem stunned by the weight of the Advent season. Instead, the Christmas story feels warm, quaint, and in a word, cute. While we may sing powerful songs and even recite Scripture, C...

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Mary, Mary Quite Extraordinary

There are so many questions I would like to ask Mary. When I think of all she went through being the mother of Christ, the sacrifices she made, the ridicule and shame she faced being pregnant and not yet married, the glares and questions, and then her own inner voice causing her to doubt or question what was about to happen to her. I wonder how she did it. Motherhood is n...

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The (Unexpected) Warrior King

As noted in the first essay of advent, when the Christmas season arrives it normally comes in a flurry of evergreen, peppermint, and presents. This holiday is a marked celebration of Christ's birth, a birthday party. We sing songs like "What child is this?" and "Come all ye faithful," to shout to the rooftops the good news of the birth of the Christ. This is an incredible ...

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A First Among Poets

A Brief Biographical Sketch of Jupiter Hammon one of the first published African American authors in the Americas. ...

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Partial Victories and the Faithfulness of God

A survey and introduction to the Old Testament Book of Judges. The redemptive historical setting, basic background and major theological themes in Judges...

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Great Prayers of the Old Testament

The following is a simple list of prayers uttered throughout the ages by Old Testament saints...

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The Kings Speech - An Introduction to the Sermon on the Mount

A look at the Gospel of Matthew and the Sermon on the Mount found in Chapters 5-7. ...

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An Introduction to the Proverbs

INTRODUCTION [1] Wisdom, as related to human beings, may simply be defined as the life quality that enables one to make good choices in the complicated circumstances of life in order to walk a good path. For the follower of Jesus, wisdom is the art of godly living. Every culture knows that there is a way to live that is rightly called foolishness. There really is a way t...

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