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Series Introduction Paper - Core Rhythms, Deepening our Life With God

God has designed certain pathways in life in order to help us grow and mature in faith, knowledge and understanding. Some call these the means of grace or spiritual disciplines; we simply call them our core rhythms. Click on the images below to find simple practical helps regarding bible study and meditation, prayer, gathering for worship, the Lord's table (communion, sacrament, the Supper), evangelism/mission, and work/rest. We commend these resources to you and hope that they serve you well as you follow Jesus and live out the Gospel each day.

image_study_meditation image_prayer image_gathering

image_communion image_evangelism image_work_rest

Throughout the history of the Church, God has used these rhythms and practices to guide his people. Today, they continue to return our lives to the story of redemption, renewing our minds, refueling our souls and keeping us connected in life giving relationship with God. Both individually and communally, we find that they place us under the fountain of God's transforming grace and empower us to live out the mission of Jesus in our world.

We have designed resources in order to encourage our community to continue engaging these core rhythms and practices.