Sunday Gatherings at 9 & 11 a.m.

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Often we are asked about the best ways to get involved here at Jacob's Well. The following is a small road map to help you take the next steps to connect with the community.


  1. Connection - people connect at Jacob's Well in a bunch of different ways. Sometimes someone will visit us on a Sunday Morning, connect with friends in their neighborhood or building, serve together somewhere in the city or meet someone in the course of every day life. We just encourage people to connect with our community in the way God brings that about.
  2. Discovery - if you have been hanging around a while, dialing into one of our Discovery Lunches is a great next step. Meet some of the leadership of the church and hear some basic 411 about Jacob's Well over a meal.
  3. Gospel/Mission Classes - we have gospel and mission membership classes that dial in a few times a year (usually Oct, Feb, May). If you have been to a Discovery Lunch this is the next step.

These classes will help you learn more about the gospel, understand our mission as a church and find a place where you can help out.

If you are a new follower of Jesus connect with us about undergoing baptism, the ancient rite where God connects people to his church. We usually do a bunch of baptisms each summer. If you wish to be baptized contact us at