Sunday Worship Gatherings at 9 & 11 a.m.

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Our Elders

Oversight and leadership at Jacob's Well is given by a plurality of men who serve in the community as elders. Currently Jacob's Well has five elders who mutually submit one another under Jesus as our senior pastor. 

Our current elder board is made up of the following men and their families: Scott Jones, Brent Malcolm, Reid Monaghan, Manoj Thomas, Mark Twombly.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Jacob's Well please drop a note to our pastor/elders at


Our Staff (Listed alphabetically)

We also have a staff team that executes and guides the mission of Jesus through Jacob's Well. PT indicates they serve part time with our team. Vol indicates volunteer staff. 

Santei Di Leonardo - Pastoral Intern (PT)


Santei is a graduate of Rutgers University where he studied Information Technology and Informatics. During his time as a Scarlet Knight he became a follower of Jesus and saw the Lord aim his life towards pastoral ministry. Santei is a part-time seminary student who is preparing for work in the Church in his native country of Italy. In addition to his theological studies he serves with WellKIDS, helps lead the New Brunswick Missional Community and is a top personal trainer helping others achieve their fitness goals. Our hope is to see Santei sent to Italy to connect with church painting movements in that country.

Andrea Ford - Office Manager (Vol)


Andrea serves Jacob's Well as our office coordinator. She has a passion for finding deals and saving money and uses those skills to make sure Jacob's Well has everything it needs, from toner to toilet paper. Along with her husband, Cooper, and her family, they are deeply involved in the North Brunswick Missional Community. Along with all that she does for Jacob's Well, Andrea also is a teacher's aide Judd Elementary School in North Brunswick and has a wonderful gift of teaching children and caring for those with special needs.

Dean R. Macke - Serving as Executive Director (PT)


Dean is serving as our Executive Director. He and his wife, Kathleen, live in East Brunswick with their three daughters. He spent 15 years working in the software industry leading implementations and helping some of the world's largest companies achieve their business objectives through technology and process transformation. Dean brings a strong organizational mind and a love for the gospel of Jesus to our church culture and will use his experience to help lead Jacob's Well in it's next season of mission and influence in Central New Jersey.

Brent and Tara Malcolm - Serving as our Finance Directors (Vol)


Tara Malcolm runs all things financial for our team and works as an accountant in the pharmaceutical industry. Tara and her husband Brent hail from the great state of Ohio and moved to New Jersey in 2009 for work. They feel extremely blessed to get connected with Jacob's Well quickly and the community of the church has been a huge part of making NJ their home. Tara received a degree in Accounting from Miami University of Ohio (not Florida!) and has been working in Finance at Johnson & Johnson since graduation. In 2011, she completed her Certified Public Accountant certification. Tara & Brent live in North Brunswick. In her spare time, she loves to travel, run, read and experiment with new recipes in the kitchen. She is excited to be able to use her skills from work to help out at Jacob's Well!

Reid S. Monaghan - Serving as Lead Pastor


Reid did his undergraduate studies in applied science and physics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he was also a collegiate wrestler for the perennial ACC power. He is currently doing graduate work in applied apologetics a multidisciplinary field spanning the philosophy, theology and biblical studies. It seems he needs to apply things.

He also addresses students and athletes on various campuses throughout the United States. He has spoken to college students at such institutions as Brown, Princeton, Yale, Wake Forest, Rutgers, North Carolina and Virginia Tech. In addition to his campus work he has spoken at the voluntary chapel services for the Tennessee Titans, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New York Football Giants. As an apologist for the Christian faith, Reid has led conferences and seminars in the US as well as in places as diverse as Lima, Peru and the Czech Republic.

He loves philosophy, technology, sci-fi (don't hate) and watching ex-wrestlers crush it in the Mixed Martial Arts scene. Some of his greatest joys in life are his wife Kasey (married 1996), and the shorties Kayla (circa 2001), Kylene (circa 2003), and Thomas Reid (circa 2006). His technotheolosophical random blogging goes on over at Power of Change and tweets @reidSmonaghan.

Not growing up in a religious family, he came to faith while wrestling and studying at UNC. More than anything, Reid is thankful for Jesus who grabbed him by the neck and changed his life when he was a twenty year old knucklehead. His family and some friends began Jacob's Well as a small group in homes in the fall of 2008.

Morgan Rudanovic - Serving as Director of WellKIDs (PT)


Morgan runs our childrens ministry affectionately known as WellKIDs. She and her husband Chris are part of the Fords missional community that gathers in their home. Though she would never share this, Morgan was a standout multi-sport athlete in high school and was a top division one field hockey player for Indiana University. Morgan was a Teach for America educator in Newark as well as helping pioneer charter school efforts in that city. Chris and Morgan are the proud parents of Desmond, aka Diesel, and Jordan, aka Jordy.

Jonathan Sgalambro - Pastoral Resident (PT)


Jonathan Sgalambro is currently serving our community as a part-time pastoral resident, developing and leading our benevolence team. A native of New Jersey, he is currently pursuing a church planting vision for northern Middlesex County. Jonathan is married to Deanna and they have two children, Nathan (5) and Elisabeth (2), with one more on the way.

Jelani Walker - Serving as Assistant to the Pastors (PT)


Jelani is a native of the Central Jersey area. He serves as the Assistant to the Pastors here at Jacob's Well. He also serves in WellKIDs and is a leader of the Highland Park Missional Community. He is an avid watcher of soccer and also enjoys shopping for records at the local thrift store. Jelani is a lover of people and has a desire to see people walk and love Christ. He also realizes that it was God’s grace that has saved him and desires to serve well at Jacob's Well through that same grace that he has been given.