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A Portrait of Paradox: A Biblical Theology of the Son of Man

The New Testament displays the power of simple self-identification when Jesus refers to himself repeatedly as the "son of man."Though this sounds unassuming to us, we must consider why Jesus uses it so much. What is he communicating about himself and his mission?...

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Freakin Out - An Introductory Essay

In our world human beings struggle deeply with various fears, concerns and anxieties. This essay is a brief discussion of these things and how they are related to our trust in God. ...

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Revisiting Redemption through Union with Christ

While there are unending treasures to be covered and uncovered in Scripture, the doctrine of union between Christ and His people has been called the central truth of salvation and the foundation of all believers' experience. Followers of Jesus have no deeper wellspring of joy, comfort, and strength in the Lord's Person and Work than in this colossal Gospel truth. ...

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Thoughts on Suffering

Thoughts on God, suffering and the gospel of Jesus Christ...

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Don't Fight Authority

God has given us authority in our lives for our good and his glory. There is authority in the family, the church and civil government that has been ordained and instituted by God. ...

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The Law and the People of God

How should followers of Jesus view the Old Testament Law? ...

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Historical Understandings of the Lord's Table

A brief summary of historical understandings of the Lord's Table...

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Core Rhythms - Coming to the Lord's Table

Ways in which we come to the Lord's Table as a church...

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Baptism and Covenant

A discussion of baptism and its relationship to the new covenant. We take a look at whether the sign of the new covenant should be applied at birth or the new birth. ...

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Elders, Deacons and Members

It is clear from Paul's letter to Titus that the church was not to be a chaotic mass of people without guidance or leadership. In fact, Titus' very mission on Crete was to "set what remained in order and appoint elders in every town." (Titus 1:5) God has graciously gifted his church with leadership so that there might be a proper order to its life together. Although the si...

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Booze and the Bible - Walking in the Wisdom of Good

Looking at the teaching of Scripture regarding the use and abuse of alcohol...

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Our Desires and Living out Our Priorities

Why do we not always do what we want? Or do we? ...

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A Comparison of Karma and Divine Judgment

A brief look two views of life, consequences and eternity...

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Mr. Un-Clean and the Gospel

The Old Testament cleanliness codes point forward to the coming Christ who would sanctify a people for himself. Jesus is crucified outside of the camp to bring people to God and call us forward in sacrificial mission. ...

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Rich and Poor in the Kingdom of God

A biblical meditation on being rich or poor in light of the Kingdom of God. ...

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Three Tough Questions

Three tough questions when wrestling with God...

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Relating to Caesar - Christians and Governments

Throughout history, followers of Jesus have served faithfully under various forms of government and political regimes. This essay is a small treatment encouraging us to remain faithful to Christ in whatever circumstance or rule we find ourselves under. ...

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