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As we say often at Jacob’s Well, we desire to be a church that breaks barriers to encounter Jesus together. This discipleship course is meant to help us break personal, social and spiritual barriers in order to encounter Jesus together in life-changing ways. We see Jesus doing this kind of work with the woman at Jacob’s Well. Jesus engages a difficult aspect of the woman’s story, unearthing her deepest shame and guilt in order to offer forgiveness and healing … as He puts it, living water that will satiate her deepest thirst. We believe that this course is an invitation to allow Jesus to do that kind of work in your life and in the lives of those around you.

The content of our discipleship course will be drawn from the Emotionally Healthy Discipleship curriculum developed by a thriving multiethnic church in New York City called New Life Fellowship. Our eight weeks together in the Fall will focus on Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (knowing ourselves in order to know God and vice versa), while the Spring will focus on Emotionally Healthy Relationships (practical training in loving others in the pattern and power of Christ).

Our staff and elders have been working through the course for some time and have found it uniquely transformative. Our hope for the church is that this course would be a powerful discipleship experience and equip our community for greater discipleship effectiveness moving forward.

Consider these reflections from our wonderful staff, as you anticipate how God might intend to use this course in your own story:



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Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we hope will help you understand the course and plan how best to engage over the course of the eight weeks:

Jacob’s Well Discipleship Course FAQs

Why this course and why now?

This course is intended to equip our church for future relational discipleship. This course will give us a model for healthy and transformative interpersonal discipleship. It will provide us with a shared language for such interactions and a shared experience to reference and draw from in future discipleship contexts.

What is the content itself?

The content of the evenings will mostly come from “The Emotionally Healthy Discipleship Course” created by New Life Fellowship in NYC. This is content our staff and elders have now been walking through for over two years. Our eight weeks in the Fall will be focused on “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality” (ie - knowing ourselves in order to more healthily relate to God and vice versa), while our eight weeks in the Spring will be focused on “Emotionally Healthy Relationships” (practical training on loving others well, handling conflict, etc.). This content has been used by many churches we admire (to rave reviews) and was developed in one of the healthiest multiethnic, Christian churches in America … not to mention that New Life Fellowship is here in the Northeast (NYC!).

Is the content Biblically-based?

Absolutely. One of the things we’re most excited about is how the content will train us to engage the Scriptures together (through weekly Bible-based discussions during the sessions) and individually (by giving practical training in engaging God in and through the Scriptures throughout the week on our own).

So what will happen to Discipleship Groups?

We will not be meeting in Discipleship Groups throughout the duration of this ministry year. This course is meant to equip us for greater impact in Discipleship Groups moving forward. However, given the intensity of the eight-week commitment (once in the Fall and once in the Spring), we will be “clearing the decks” of other discipleship commitments during this season.

Will we still be doing Family Meals this next year?


What will be the structure of our times together on Wednesday evenings?

We will gather promptly at 7pm (ending promptly at 8:30pm). The content for the evening will be introduced by Pastor Scott and Rachel Suarez. We will then watch a short video which will lead us into discussion and engagement with the Scriptures at our tables. Tables will be 6-8 people (men and women mixed together) organized by Missional Communities.

What about childcare?

Childcare will be provided, free of charge, each week. So feel free to bring the kiddos!

What’s the deal with the alternate course on Sunday mornings?

We would strongly urge you to make Wednesday evenings work if at all possible (see above). However, we realize that conflicts do arise. So we wanted to create one other time slot for those who couldn’t make Wednesday evenings work. Sunday morning emerged as the most obvious time that should work for most everyone else given that you’ll be coming to Sunday gathering anyway. The Sunday slot will be from 8:15-9:45am. We are not guaranteeing childcare during that slot. If, however, there is sufficient need for childcare, we will do everything possible to make that work.