Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Our architect and design team have created a welcoming space that reflects our culture as a community and will serve our varied missonal purposes here in Central New Jersey. There is a spacious wing for the teaching and discipleship of children. We have a generous lobby with room for connecting with one another and experiencing community life. Our offices and multi-use spaces will provide for both informal and formal teaching gatherings. Finally, our gathering space will accommodate future growth and facilitate the worship of our King through song, creative arts, Word and Sacrament.

The following will guide you to the use and layout of The 27


Staff Wing

  • Front Lobby - We will have a welcoming kids check in space for Jacob's Well regulars and guests. Our guests will be greeted by our WellKIDs team and we have an automated touch screen check in for our members and regular attenders.
  • Offices - Our administrative and pastoral offices will also live at the front of The 27.

WellKIDs Wing

Our children's wing will be a safe and secured area for the training of our kids. We have spacious rooms specifically designated for birth up until middle school.

  • Nursery - Water droplets and Umbrellas will be the theme as we love and care for the smallest of the Jacob's Well community.
  • Toddler and Waddlers - The new waddler class will share a roomy divided space with our toddlers. Their theme will be Kites and the work of the Spirit blowing into their lives.
  • Elementary Room - Our K-2 and 3-5 classes will share divided space and the theme here is soaring into mission. Paper airplanes might take flight in here so be on the lookout. Launching our kids into mission and gospel life is our goal as they transition towards joining the church gathered at Jacob's Well

The Hub

  • Restrooms - Our main restrooms are at the center of the building between the rear worship, instruction and hang out areas and will serve as a hub and transition area for the facility. There are ADA compliant rooms which give privacy as well as larger men's and women's rooms.
  • Break Room - We have a kitchenette and break room where you can take a moment for prayer or catch up with a friend. This room will feature a chalkboard wall so expect some dynamism on the walls here.

Mom's Nook

  • Women's Restroom - Adjacent to the Break Room is an additional women's restroom equipped with changing station for those bringing babies to our worship gatherings.
  • Nursing - We also have a small cry room/nursing moms room with one way glass, volume controlled audio and a couple of comfy rocking chairs. For Moms who need to step out with their baby's we've designed this area to keep them close to the church gathered but have access to helpful facilities for their little ones. The full nursery is just a short hallway away if needed.

Community Wing

The rear of the building houses our Gathering space, rear lobby, family room and conference room.

  • Gathering Room - Our main worship space will allow us to welcome close to 230 guests in each Sunday gathering at the 27. It will provide a great aesthetic with sweet tech to be used in the worship of Jesus. Our bands and production teams will serve the JWell community well in this space.
  • Rear Lobby - The lobby will allow connection and information to be gleaned by visitors to our gatherings and give a home to our connect team ministry.
  • Family Room - The Family Room we envision as a space for multiple uses for connection throughout the week. We see it being utilized by men's and women's groups, MCs and various studies that require a laid back environment. The imagination of the Jacob's Well community will find many uses for this room. It is a space that teh church family can gather for fellowship and community.
  • Conference Room - We will have a conference room/class room for formalized instruction, conference breakouts and mid-sized groups. Membership classes, learning labs and future teaching opportunities will make their home here.