Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Jacob's Well has five core identities that are central to our affections. They are values which guide us in the mission to which God has called. We desire them to shape both who we become and how we live.


Gospel Centered

The gospel is the good news of our God rescuing us from sin, death and hell by the work of Jesus on the cross and making all things new. By the gospel God reconnects us with himself and others making us into a new family called the church.  The gospel means that we turn to God and away from our sin, grant grace and forgiveness to others, and extend kindness and compassion to those around us. The gospel leads us to reject both self-righteousness and self-loathing requiring us to see ourselves as desperate people in need yet more loved than we dare to believe.


Thoughtfully Engaged

We desire to see the intersection of truth with all of life and believe all things practical are connected to God. We also desire to head Jesus' call for us to love God will our minds. Additionally, we are following Jesus in our generation and will not remove ourselves from culture. We seek to avoid both syncretism (worldliness/cultural captivity) and sectarianism (disconnected from others) by engaging the thought and cultural worlds around us while forming a unique Kingdom Culture.


Life in Multiethnic Community

One of the most beautiful metaphors in Scripture for the church is that of the family. We view our own families as small communities under Christ and our church as a union of people who are a larger family. The family of Christ is a people from various ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds reflecting the beautiful diversity of humanity made in the image of God.  We believe that life together shapes us, challenges us, transforms us and is God's gift to every believer. 


Seeking Justice and Mercy

We see from Jesus's life and teaching that we are to love our neighbor and serve the broken and the hurting. We also believe that people from various economic classes have much to learn from and offer to one another.  We will seek to work for justice in our community and stand with the marginalized of society offering hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Joy and Generosity in Mission

Jesus taught us that it is better to give than to receive.  We pray that the hands of our church will be open to empower the gospel mission to flow outward into our world.  We embrace missional living and generosity towards our neighbors.  We want to find joy in sharing resources with others locally and around the world.