Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Week 6 Serve: Jesus is Buried

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Scripture Reference: Matthew 27:57-66

Friday Service: It is Good Friday, and there have been a number of people whom you have prayed and fasted for over the past 6 weeks. Reach out to those individuals. If you have been trying to find the time to hang out with them, use today as a time to schedule them into your life. Maybe you have had some success in reestablishing some relationships with individuals over the past 6 weeks. If that’s the case, invite them out to our Good Friday gathering tonight at 7PM. Shoot them a text and see if they’re available tonight. Go out to dinner or coffee with them after and ask them what they thought of the gathering. Allow the gathering of the church to corporately witness to your friend, family member or neighbor. Allow the preaching of the word and the Holy Spirit to work in and through them. God is able to do incredible things. Let’s trust him as we try to live out the calling that he has placed upon our lives.