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Cynical Hope: Peace

June 14, 2009 Speaker: Reid S. Monaghan Series: Cynical Hope

Topic: Topical Scripture: Romans 5:1–5:11

There are many struggles and questions that people have in relating to God:

  1. The Metaphysical Question – God are you real?
  2. The Existential Struggle – God can I know you? Will you be with me?
  3. The Anthropological Problem of sin and rebellion and the need for Peace with God – God will you forgive me?

The key issue with the metaphysical question is revelation - we need God to both show us and tell us who he is.  Our existential struggles lead us to long for relationship with God.  Finally, we find peace and reconciliation with God to overcome our rebellion and sin.

 Romans 5:1-11 explains to us that we have peace with God through the self-giving act of Jesus dying for sinful people. In this we have hope that we might be transformed and changed in our lives.  Even suffering has the ability to deepen in hope as it shapes and molds us into people who are more like Jesus.

Our hope is realized in the Incarnation, God become flesh. Our hope is founded solid on the relationship Jesus establishes with us as his people. The question of God’s existence was answered when God put his feet on planet earth…the knowablity of God was established when Jesus stretched out hands and feet to die for us bringing peace and pardon with the Father.

The incarnation answers the metaphysical question, establishes relationship with the Father and sets us free giving peace and pardon with Him.  Malcom Muggeridge spoke of the incarnation in this way:

Thereby [by the incarnation], He set a window into the tiny dark dungeon of the ego in which we all languish, letting in a light, providing a vista, and offering a way of release from the servitude of the flesh and the fury of the will into what St. Paul called the glorious liberty of the children of God.[1]

Peace with God reconciles us in relationship to God and results in us experiencing the peace of God in our daily lives (Philippians 4:4-7).  This is all made possible by the person and work of Jesus Christ on a cross for us.

[1] Malcolm Muggeridge and Cecil Kuhne, Seeing through the Eye : Malcolm Muggeridge on Faith (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2005), 5-6.

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