Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Core Rhythms - The Lord's Table

May 30, 2010 Speaker: Reid S. Monaghan Series: Core Rhythms

Topic: Topical Scripture: Luke 22:13–22:20

The Lord’s Table


Great Unity

Great Diversity

  • What Happens at this Table (are we getting saved by God through it, or celebrating God’s salvation in it)
  • What is Done for Us at this Table (are we receiving a sacrifice made for us now or proclaiming the one sacrifice made by Jesus)
  • What is consumed by us at this Table (body and blood or bread and wine)

Historical Views

  • Transubstantiation
  • Consubstantiation
  • Memorialism
  • Spiritual Real Presence


It has many names – all appropriate

  • Eucharist (Greek word for giving thanks)
  • Communion
  • The Lord’s Table
  • Breaking of Bread
  • The Lord’s Supper

Many times misunderstood


Why we observe this meal - The Biblical Teaching

Jesus Ordained The Meal  – Matthew 26:27–29; Luke 22:17–20

Key Observations: The use of Bread and Wine to be Body and Blood, It is a Covenantal meal whereby Jesus' blood seals the promise.  It is a remembrance.

Early Christian Observance—Acts 2:42; Acts 20:7

Key Observations: It was observed together and on the first day of the week


The Apostles Teaching – 1 Corinthians 10:14–17; 1 Corinthians 11:23–26; Revelation 3:19–20

Key Observations:  It is a participation/fellowship with JESUS and a PROCLAMATION of what he has done for his people.  It is eating with Jesus in a place of fellowship and repentance.

Summary of Our Observations

  • It is a meal we observe together on the first day of the week...Sunday
  • It is a meal that celebrates God’s faithfulness in the New Covenant
  • It is a meal that is a remembrance and proclamation of the gospel
  • It is a participation with Jesus himself where he works in our lives 

Our Observance At Jacob’s Well

Who should come?


What we do?

  • Come clean - Confess and Repent
  • Come together - Reconnect and Reconcile with one another
  • Come in the gospel –  Reflect and Remember Jesus work on the cross
  • Come thankful and rejoicing – Worship and Rejoice
  • Come to receive from Jesus – Receive Grace from Jesus



Community Meditation

  • Did you grow up in a Christian tradition where communion was central or did it seem marginalized and not very important? 
  • In the past how have you understood communion? What is happening there?
  • Read through the Core Rhythms Application Card and discuss as a community the various ways we can come to the table as a church.  How can you better use the time at the table each week at Jacob’s Well?
  • What difference does a theology of spiritual real presence make from a theology of mere memorialism?  See junk drawer essay online for a short discussion of these two views.

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