August 8, 2010

Old School - Worship

Speaker: Scott C. Jones Series: Old School - OT Overview Topic: Biblical Passage: Psalm 97:1–97:12

Introduction: Made to Worship … but What?

The Futility of False Worship

Right Worship: The Fuel of Relationship


Introducing the Psalms


Psalm 97 

God Conquers & Reigns: Remembering God’s Salvation (v. 1)


The Awe-Inspiring Ruler (v. 2-6)

Losing Ourselves: The Power of Poetry


The Superiority of God over Idols (v. 7)


Longing for Zion (v. 8-9)

The Kingdom of God: Israel’s Great Hope


A Call to Obedience (v. 10-12)


Jesus and the Psalms

The Cross: A Greater Salvation


Resurrection: A Greater Hope


The Psalms and Our Worship

Taste and See: Letting Ourselves Go


The Weirdness of Emotionalism vs. the Power of Emotion


What’s with Singing?


Worshipping in the Dark


Worship and Mission: Singing in the Pain

Community Meditation Questions

  • In what ways do you see yourself and others offering worship to “counterfeit gods”? Do you think that kind of worship is dangerous? If so, why?
  • What is it that worship to God accomplishes? Do you think the fuel imagery used in the sermon is true in your experience?
  • What can make worship (whether individually or as the gathered people of God) exciting and awe inspiring? What can make it stale and uninteresting? What part do our own hearts play in how we experience worship?
  • Read Psalm 22. What do you find encouraging about this Psalm? In what ways does this Psalm challenge our normal assumptions about worship?
  • Read Colossians 1:13-23. In your own words, how does this passage explain the greater salvation and greater hope we have in Jesus?
  • Take some time this week—  whether personally, with your spouse, roommates or family, and/or with your MC —  asking God to allow you to encounter him in worship. Then, give it a try. Maybe pray one of the Psalms or sing a favorite worship song together. 

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