Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Faithfully Following - Jude and James

August 14, 2011 Speaker: Reid S. Monaghan Series: New School - NT Introduction

Topic: Biblical Scripture: Jude 1:3–1:3

On Discipleship

Learners and Followers


Faithfully Following: James and Jude

Jesus’ had Bros?

Matthew 13:53-58 ESV


God’s People Contend for the Faith – The Book of Jude

Contending for the Faith (verse 3)

The faith was delivered…It shall not be lost

Strong Warnings (verses 4-19)

  • Illustrations from Redemptive History (5-11)


  • Powerful Metaphors (12, 13)


  • Summary The Nature of these False Teachers


Expected but NOT to be Embraced

Building Together (verses 20-25)

Wolves and Sheep


God’s People Follow Jesus Together – The Book of James

Following when life is hard (James 1)

Following in good works (James 2) 

Trusting God Together  (James 3-5)

  • Not in (James 3-5)

Cursing one another with our mouths (James 3)

Blowing each other up (James 4)

Boasting (James 4)

Trusting in Riches, Oppressing Others (James 5)

  • But Rather (James 5)

Following in Patience
Following in Prayer
Following in Praise
Following in Confession
Following in Gracious Accountability


Community Meditation

  • Read the book of Jude and note the nature of the warnings given by God. 
  • In the last section of the book what does Jude exhort us to do? What do you learn about God in his doxology/benediction?
  • Over the next week carefully read the book of James.  List out the reasons God might have for allowing suffering in our lives?  Observe the trouble Christians might have with one another and their source. Have you observed any of these in your relationships?