November 20, 2011

The Satisfactions of Seeking God

Speaker: Scott C. Jones Topic: Topical



             (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

             Fullness of Joy, Pleasures Forevermore


  Seeking God is for Christians

             Defining “God-Seekers”


 Reconciled for Relationship



Seeking God is a Lifestyle


          God Reinforces:

                         _________ through ________ &  ___________

                        Taking in the _________




              God’s Response

             Discipline: “Strive to Enter that Rest”


 Pitfalls of Seeking God


            The Lone Ranger

            The Way of the Cross


 What’s at Stake?


Community Meditation

Growing in Knowledge

  • Read Philippians 3:8-14. What stands out most to you about what the Apostle Paul says here? What do you find most motivating?
  • Read Hebrews 11:6. What are the prerequisites for drawing close to God according to this passage? Why do you think the author highlights these things? What would you have said?

 Feeling Life Deeply

  • Read Psalm 16 aloud. Have you ever experienced the sort of fullness of joy the Psalmist talks about here? If so, what sort of circumstances led to that experience? Where/in what do you most often find yourself seeking joy? Would you describe the joy you’ve found there as a fullness of joy or as something else?

 Living With Courage

  • From the list of things that God reinforces (spiritual disciplines), which do you find most effectively connects you with God? What one thing would make the biggest difference in how you seek God (getting up earlier, gathering with others, opening your Bible daily, etc.)? Commit to pursue those changes with someone this week (family, friends, Missional Community).
  • What do you find most hinders you in seeking God? What most motivates you to seek God?