May 13, 2012

Truth and clarity

Speaker: Reid S. Monaghan Series: Passion - The Gospel of Mark Topic: Exposition Passage: Mark 8:27–8:38


On Mountains

Using Questions

Mark 8:1-26

Clarity of Christ (verses 27-30)

Who do the people say?

Who do you say?

Eyes opened by God

Clarity of the Gospel (verses 31-33)

Two very important words:


Rebuking God

Things of God: Isaiah 53:10, 11

Clarity of the Call to Discipleship (verses 34-38)

Calling by Grace

The Calling’s Conditions

The Great Inversion


Community Meditation Questions

Growing in knowledge


  • Discuss the different ways Jesus uses questions to teach and impact people. What is the difference between his use of questions in 27-30 and 34-38? What does he DO with his questions in both cases.

Feeling life deeply

  • In what ways have you “rebuked God” for the circumstances of your life or his care for you? Why do you think hold so tightly our plans for life? Why did Jesus deal so strongly with Peter? I mean, was it cool to call him SATAN?
  • Do you ever feel ashamed of the gospel? Do you ever feel ashamed of your lust, greed, fear and lack of trust in Jesus? Discuss how being “not ashamed” can remove our shame?

Living with courage

  • In what ways do your plans and daily concerns reflect “the things of man” rather than “the things of God.”
  • How do we put limits on what is acceptable for God to call us to in life?

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