Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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All In - Children, Babies and Riches

June 17, 2012 Speaker: Reid S. Monaghan Series: Passion - The Gospel of Mark

Topic: Exposition Scripture: Mark 10:13–10:31



Mark 10:13-31


Let the Children Come (v13-16)


A Man with Very Full Hands (v17-22)

An Honest Question

Follow God Fully

  • I do all that!
  • I love you, no you don’t


The Promise of the Kingdom (v23-31)

A Strong Warning

Not impossible, just difficult


The Great Promise


All In


Community Meditation

Growing in knowledge

  • The Scriptures use children/babies as illustrations and examples for us. What aspect of being “child-like” is good and what aspect is jacked up in the life of faith?
  • The rich man ran up to Jesus excited and went away sorrowful. Why? Be specific. Where are we “too full” for the Kingdom?

Feeling life deeply

  • Generosity is God’s gift to us that keeps us from being “too full.” If giving is a grace and a good thing, why are we afraid to be generous? Where are we stingy? Time? Talent? Money?

Living with courage

  • We know we have faith/trust in Jesus based upon our actions. Do we regularly give to Jesus’ mission and to others? Are you giving generously to our church and mission?

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