Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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The Fullness Coming

July 29, 2012 Speaker: Scott C. Jones Series: Passion - The Gospel of Mark

Topic: Exposition Scripture: Mark 13:1–13:37


Jesus and the Status Quo

Mark 13

God Has Left the Building (vv. 1-2)


What Now? (vv. 3-13)


Judgement? Why Wait? 2 Peter 3:9,15


Desruction of the Temple (vv. 24-27)


Lift Thine Eyes (vv. 28-31)


Wake Up! (vv. 32-37)

The Return of the King

Cross Shaped Conquerors 

For Community Meditation 

Growing In Knowledge

  • Does the thought of Jesus’ return encourage you or freak you out? Why?
  • Read Romans 8:18-25 where again the image of “birth pains” is used (as here in Mark 13:8). Discuss the metaphor of “birth pains” and why you think the Biblical authors use it to describe the time we’re now in (between the first and second comings of Jesus).

Feeling Life Deeply

  • Putting aside sentimentalism, what would you really do today if you knew Jesus was returning tomorrow? What is keeping you from pursuing those things today?

Living With Courage

  • Read Mark 13:32-37 again. What are the unique things God has called you to do in this world (consider your talents, opportunities, relationships, etc.)? Are you faithfully pursuing that work or would it be more accurate to characterize you as asleep? What would it take for you to be more fully engaged in the Master’s business?

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