June 2, 2013

Home Team Mission

Speaker: Reid S. Monaghan Series: The Home Team Topic: Topical Passage: Luke 12:22–12:34

Introduction & Review



Family Idolatry?



Kingdom Allegiance

Luke 12:22-34


Seek First


Which Kingdom?


No Losers


Home Team Mission




Building for Release




Our Flow is Gospel


The First Letter to the Thessalonians


Community Meditation

Growing in Knowledge

  • Read the passage from Jesus’ teaching from Luke 12:13-34 together and discuss the following questions.
  • Why does Luke give us Jesus’ address of “worry” after the parable of the Rich Fool? What comes again right after Jesus’ teaching on worry?  What is the difference between being rich and rich towards God?  Why do you think Jesus reminds us here that it is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom?

Feeling Life Deeply

  • Respond to this statement “Your family exists for mission, so our mission is not simply our families”
  • In what ways can we tangibly see whether we are putting Christ’s Kingdom first in our family and not simply worshipping our family’s comfort and success? 

Living with Courage

  • God is not anti-fun in any way, yet he also calls us to sacrifice and serve. How might this make our motives and mission with our families different than others in this world?
  • How can the future coming of the Kingdom influence our daily choices?  From our schedules to our bank accounts to the way we interact with others at work?
  • What do you need to address in the preparation of your children for their calling? Schooling choices? Better dialogue with kids about their gifts? What opportunities do they need? 


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