Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Build by Doing the Word

February 9, 2014 Speaker: Reid S. Monaghan Series: Build: The Book of James

Topic: Exposition Scripture: James 1:19–1:27

Build by Doing the Word - James 1;19-27


“The Word” of God


The Incarnate Word


The Revealed Word


The Preached Word


Receive the Word (verses 19-21)


Quick, Slow, Slow


The Heart that Receives


Do the Word (verses 22-25)


Self-Deception of Disobedience


Blessed and Free



Life Shaped by The Word (verses 26, 27)








Community Meditation



  • Read John 15:1-17 together. How do we “abide” in Jesus? What does Jesus tell us about his words, commandments and his love?
  • How does James see the law? Why does he call it the “law of liberty”? How is this different than the law of sin and death? Read Romans 8:1-17.
  • What is the difference between hypocrisy and being Christian who is changing day by day? Both are not perfected so what’s the difference?


  • How do we deceive ourselves by only being hearers of the Word? Why is self-deception sometimes more comfortable than doing what the Word says?
  • Where are you afraid to obey? Do you think you will be more free or less free in obeying God?


  • What specifically do you know that you should be doing and are not? Serving? Giving? Making disciples? Forgiving someone? What WORD do you know that you are not doing. HEAR and DO.

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