Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Build on Repentance

March 30, 2014 Speaker: Reid S. Monaghan Series: Build: The Book of James

Topic: Exposition Scripture: James 4:1–4:10

Build on Repentance and Faith


What’s the Problem? (Verse 1)

Drama, Drama everywhere


Problem #1 - Heart Disease (Verses 2,3)

Desire —> Murder

Matthew 5:21, 22


Covet —> Fight and Quarrel

Colossians 3:5-11


Ask! With Proper Motives


Problem #2 - Adultery (Verses 4, 5)

Friendship with “World” = Hate God
Getting Rebellion Right
Hey Jealousy



Which Team? (Verses 6,7)

He Giveth Grace

Proverbs 3:34


God > Devil


Repentance and Exaltation (Verses 8-10)

Simple Commands

Isaiah 30:15,16


Great Promises

Community Meditation



  • Read 1 John 2:15, 16 - Discuss ways in which Christians can become “friends with the world” or “love the world”?
  • How can we be friends with people but not become friends with the “world”?
  • Why are God’s promises of “his nearness” and his “exaltation of us” worth our repentance and efforts to follow Jesus?


  • How do you feel when your beliefs and/or lifestyle are not in the mainstream with the rest of society? How can fear, desire to be liked, fit in etc. cause us to be unfaithful in our lives and doctrine?
  • Should we experience fear and anxiety in relationship to the devil? Read James 4:7, Jude 8-10, 1 John 4:1-6 (v4).


  • Cleansing of our hands and the purification of our hearts is the work of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for us. If these are gifts of grace why is James commanding us to do these things?
  • In what ways are we living proudly and worldly? What does repentance and humbling yourself look like?

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