Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Repentance and the King

June 22, 2014 Speaker: Jonathan Sgalambro Series: Playlist - A Sampling of the Psalms

Topic: Exposition Scripture: Psalm 51:1–51:19





David's Plea for Mercy (Psalm 51:1-4)


Against Nature (Psalm 51:5, 6)


Salvation is of the Lord (Psalm 51:7-12)


The Fruits of Grace and Repentance (Psalm 51:13-17)


Restore my People (Psalm 51:18,19)


Community Meditation 


  • Read 2 Samuel 7 and Acts 13:1-23. What is the link between King David and King Jesus, and how does Jesus fulfill this role of king in a way that David was never able to do?


  • Psalm 51 talks about how David has sinned against God alone. When sin is described as being a direct affront to God, how does that impact our perspective of the gravity and weight of sin?
  • In light of this, what is the appropriate response to mercy and grace? Read Romans 12:1, 2. What sort of response to God's grace is called for? Why does Paul command Christians to give of their entire lives to Christ and his Kingdom?


  • Psalm 51 deals a lot with the practice of confession. What can we do in our missional communities, families, friends, to foster a culture of confession and accountability?
  • Psalm 51 also talks about what the life of a believer looks like after forgiveness; it stirs up a heart to tell others. Spend time in your missional communities, with family/friends praying for those who do not know Jesus. Pray for those who know Him, but are drifting due to a lack of joy and contentment in their lives.

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