Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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The Faithful God - Psalm 90

July 6, 2014 Speaker: Dean Macke Series: Playlist - A Sampling of the Psalms

Topic: Biblical Scripture: Psalm 90



    The songs of a people describe and define that people


Our God has been and will be faithful


     Home is where God is


Our God is forever and we are fleeting


     Our lives are relatively short


     Our lives can still be significant


Our God is holy and our sin is serious


     God’s anger toward sin is Holy


Our God is Faithful to fulfill his promises


     The requests of Moses


     Short, sin-filled, significant


Community Meditations


  • What kind of people are described in Psalm 90: 3-11? How do they differ from us? How are they the same?
  • What does it mean to number our days?
  • Read Psalm 90:12-17. List the things that Moses asks God for and discuss how they relate to your requests of God.


  • How does the shortness of our lives make you feel? Does it makes you feel despairing and insignificant or does it make you long for significance? Something else?
  • Does the faithfulness of God in past generations provide comfort for your future? How?


  • Pray Psalm 90 together.
  • In what specific circumstances are you praying that God would establish the works of your hands?

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