September 7, 2014

Living our Faith at Work

Speaker: Brent Malcolm Series: Faith and Work Topic: Topical Passage: Colossians 3:23–3:24



A Prerequisite Question

  • Week 2: How does faith inform our work
  • Week 1: How does our work inform our faith


Work in the Northeast





General agreement on work


Where this goes wrong…


Work reveals idols

  • Work as identity
  • Work to get approval/power
  • Work for the sake of comfort, pleasure, rest
Too important (my job is my life) vs. not important enough (my job is for a paycheck)



Work unto the Lord (Col 3:23, 24)


Work as Service


Culture making and Creation Stewardship


Work as our Calling (1 Cor 7:17)

  • Called to God
  • Called into Community
  • Called to work

How do we choose our work?

  • Know God
  • Fit our Gifting/Skill
  • Serve Others
  • Seek the Spirit




Freedom in Christ (2 Cor 5;14-21)


Community Meditation 


  • Read Luke 10:38-42. How does the account of Martha often reflect our focus in work? How did Mary react to Jesus? How might our work look differently with a Christ centered focus like Mary?


  • What are the specific idols you see in your current field or profession amongst your peers or coworkers?What are some of the struggles aand/or idols you have personally with your work?
  • In light of Christ's definitive work for us, how might we look at the current professions and various contexts we are in differently? How can we practically honor God in our work?


  • What areas and opportunities are there in your current work for serving others, serving the broader society, serving your actual field of work?
  • How might our missional community structure create an atmosphere where we can practically encourage each other and grow together in the connection between faith and work?

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