Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Knowing Jesus

March 15, 2015 Speaker: Reid S. Monaghan Series: The King's Speech

Topic: Exposition Scripture: Matthew 7:21–7:23

The King's Speech: Knowing Jesus from Jacobs Well on Vimeo.




    The golden rule and the path of Jesus


           1 Timothy 4:6-10




    Not everyone who says (Verse 21)


          Lots of talk

          The value of the doing

          Bottom Line #1: ______________________________________


    Many will say (verse 22)

          “That Day”

          Lord, Lord, Prophesy, Cast out Demons, Mighty Works!!! Oh My.

               Mark 9:38-41

          Bottom Line #2: ______________________________________


    I will Declare (Verse 23)


          Depart from me

          I never knew you




          John 14:15-21


Community Meditations


  • Discuss the way the Bible uses the term to “know” someone? Did the people referenced in Matthew 7:21-23 know nothing about Jesus? What was missing? How can we not find ourselves in the same place?
  • Jesus uses the phrase “that day” in his warning? What does this refer to? What will that day be like according to Old and New Testament teaching? Read & discuss this article:


  • What sort of emotions does the judgment of God in the final day evoke in you?
  • How are you receiving the warnings about false prophets in Matt 7? What feelings are provoked when you read his warning?


  • Pray and ask God “where can I be doing your will Father?” In this Lenten season and leading up to Easter Sunday?
  • What people can you encourage to follow Jesus and his path?
  • Why is knowing Jesus superior to merely doing religious acts? Are there any dangers associated with an obsession with mighty works and miracles ?

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