Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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The Patterns of Life

May 10, 2015 Speaker: Reid S. Monaghan Series: Judges: Partial Victories & the Faithfulness of God

Topic: Exposition Scripture: Judges 2:6–2:23

The Patterns of Life from Jacobs Well.



     The Well-Traveled Path on Planet Earth


     Entered In...


Flashback (6-9)


     How did it come to this?


          Joshua 24; Ecclesiastes 1:2-4


A new generation (10)


     Who did not know...


          Deuteronomy 6


Pattens of Life (11-23)


     Doing Evil


     Kindled Fire


          Matthew 5, 1 Peter 5:5-7


     Repeated Grace


          John 1:16, 17


     The Patterns of Life


Gone Whoring?


Community Meditation


  • Look at the verbs in Judges 2:11. What is the nature of the evil the people were doing? How is the heart active in its pursuits? How are abandoning and going after related in the heart? Read the vivid imagery about this from Jeremiah 2:11-13.
  • How do you see God’s promise (Judges 2:1) related to his pity/compassion (Judges 2:18). Discuss this in relationship to God’s grace to us in Jesus. How does Jesus break the toilet bowl cycle?


  • How do you feel about the word whoring?
  • If you are a parent. Does it feel like a lot of pressure on you to teach the coming generation the truths of the gospel and of the works of God? Are the responsibilities and results of parenting on our shoulders or on God?


  • How are you neglecting the generational calling of the church to proclaim God’s truth to the coming generation? How are you winning there?
  • Thank God together that he’s promises are sure and his compassion is unending for all cry out in repentance and faith.

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