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Bold Women and the Strength of God

May 24, 2015 Speaker: Reid S. Monaghan Series: Judges: Partial Victories & the Faithfulness of God

Topic: Exposition Scripture: Judges 4–5

Bold Women and the Strength of God from Jacobs Well on Vimeo.


     Cycling Down


     Bold Women and the Strength of God


REFRAIN (Judges 4:1-3)


     Cruel Oppression


THE DREAM TEAM (Judges 4:4-16)






     The Dream Team


JAEL!!! TEAM GOD? (Judges 4:17-22)


     Safe and Sound


     She did what?




     Sing the Gospel


     Victory!!! Praise Him!




  • In this cycle of Judges there are many people on the scene, but one hero. Read Judges 4:23, 24. Who brought the victory? Who were the instruments used in the story? What is God's role adn our role in the saving mission of Jesus?
  • Why is this passage NOT about a battle of the sexes or making gender statements? Even so, what qualities do we see in Deborah and/or Jael that are lauded in Judges 5. What can we see in the faith of Deborah and the boldness of Jael?


  • Judges 4 contains a narrative. Judges 5 contains a song. The first tells us WHAT happened, the second tells us WHO was behind the events. How are our own lives both like a story and a song? if you could write a song today about the last year of your life what sort of song would it be? Style/genre of music? What would be the theme of the song?


  • In Judges 5:1-11 we see bold action, teamwork, unity and courageous leadership. Where do you see a need for these? In your family? Work? Mission in your township? How would Jesus lead us today into such action? Specific!!!!
  • Look at Hebrews 13:7-16. What actions are mentioned here? How are you following Jesus in praise, good works, and generosity?

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