Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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From Struggle to Glory - The Promise of God

September 6, 2015 Speaker: Jonathan Sgalambro Series: Faith and Work

Topic: Topical Scripture: Romans 8:18–8:25

Faith and Work, 2015 from Jacobs Well on Vimeo.





     Meaningless, Meaningless:


     My Story




     It's Not That Big of a Deal (v. 18)


     Creation Groans (v.v 19-22)


     The Groans of God's People (v.v. 23-25)




Community Meditation


  • Read Ecclesiastes 2:18-25. What is the preacher arguing here?
  • Why do you think he calls this (referring to 2:18-25) a "striving after wind"?


  • When do you experience the most amount of struggle with the futility and frustration of work? What are the things that trigger these feelings, and how can you strive to combat them with the hope we have in Christ and the promise of new creation?
  • Are there other areas in your life other than work that feel meaningless to you? What can you do to remind yourself of the mission of God that has been given to you, to extend the hope of the kingdom as an image bearer of God?


  • What some opportunities you might have that you can act upon in your place of work to be an extension of the kingdom, an image bearer of God?
  • How do you need to repent when it comes to your attitude towards work and the day-to-day grind?
  • What are some rhythms that our MCs can develop to hold one another accountable when it comes to our attitudes toward work and the frustrations of life?

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