April 10, 2016

Gospel Centered, Part 2

Speaker: Scott C. Jones Series: Faithful to the Core Topic: Topical Passage: Romans 1:1–5



     Faithful to the Core


     Living the Story


     Competing Narratives




     The Priorities of the Gospel


          Thoughtfully Engaged (vs. A Private Matter)


          Life in Community (vs. Merely Individual Salvation)


          Seeking Justice and Mercy (vs. Spiritual Rescue)


     The Shape of the Gospel


          Joy and Generosity in Mission (vs. Comfortable Self-Fulfillment)




  • Define the Gospel. Here are some helpful questions to consider as you craft your definition: What is the story of which the Gospel is a part? What “good news” does the Gospel announce? What are the effects of the Gospel? What is our proper response to the Gospel?


  • On Sunday we contrasted the core identities with misconceptions we can have about the nature of Christianity or of the church (see previous page). Which of those contrasts did you find most helpful or clarifiying?


  • How is following Jesus and living in the story of the Gospel both full of joy and yet full of sacrifice? How does that work? Have you ever seen or experienced that dynamic?
  • What areas of your life are most clearly centered on something other than the Gospel (relationships, work, family, use of finances or time, etc.)? What “competing narratives” are causing that misalignment? What would it look like to place the Gospel at the center of that area?

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