Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Singing the Blues

July 17, 2016 Speaker: Scott C. Jones Series: Playlist - Sampling the Psalms

Topic: Topical Scripture: Psalm 143:1–143:12


Singing the Blues


The Role of Lament in the Life of Faith

  • Relational Honesty
  • Identifying with the Hurting and Marginalized
  • Living “In Between”

Psalm 143

  • The Character of God
  • Our Desperate Faith

Jesus and Lament




  • Read Psalm 143 aloud. (consider doing so several times) What stands out to you as you hear this Psalm read aloud?
  • In the sermon, we discussed three roles that lament plays in the life of faith (Creating genuine relationship with God, identifying with the hurting and marginalized and acknowledging that we live “in between” the promises of God and their full realization). Which of these is most compelling to you or needed in your life? Explain.


  • Why do you think we often feel as though we should hide our darker emotions from God and/or each other?
  • Jesus quoted a lament psalm (Psalm 22) on the cross. What does it mean to you personally that Jesus knew and recited the lament psalms?


  • Write your own personal lament. As you do so, consider the following questions: What are you currently most frustrated by?What is causing you pain? How are you honestly feeling toward God in this midst of that pain? What aspects of God’s character are most called into question by your experience? Is it possible that God might be seeking to change you through this experience? Pray your lament aloud to God and consider sharing it with someone you trust.

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