May 7, 2017

Your Work and The Fall

Speaker: Dean Macke Series: Faith and Work 2017 Topic: Topical Passage: Genesis 3:1–8, Genesis 3:17–19, Genesis 11:1–8


     The Switch

     The Idolatry of Work

     The Illustration of Babel

     Our Response/Responsibility



  • Read aloud the texts from Sunday. What do you remember most from the teaching on Sunday? Discuss what stood out to you as you read through the passages this time.
  • How do you naturally think about your everyday work? As a requirement or a response? What would it change if you thought about your everyday work as a gift from God and as a response to his faithfulness to you?
  • What would be the biggest change in your life if you thought of work as advancing God’s purposes in the world?


  • Do you tend to move to idolizing or idleness in your work? What impacts that posture for you?
  • Think of one person you could talk to about how your “work” could be ministry and reach out to them this week to discuss.


  • What would it look like for you to stop trusting in work to provide and start trusting God to provide? How would that change the way you perform at work, talk about work and think about work?
  • What’s keeping you from seeking your community’s input on your work? Why do you prioritize work over community? Why do you treat your work as “your decision”



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