Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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The Multi-Ethnic Church is Born

June 25, 2017 Speaker: Scott C. Jones Series: His Story, Our Story

Topic: Exposition Scripture: Acts 11:9–11:30

The Multi-ethnic church is born:

Acts 11:19-30

     What It Takes

          Barnabas: Patience, Courage and Grace

          The Church at Antioch: Humility and Teachability

     What it Creates

          “First Called Christians”: Powerful Witness

          Joy and Generosity in Mission

Discipleship group questions


  • Read aloud the text from Sunday (Acts 11:19-30). What do you remember most from the teaching?
  • What has been your experience with “life in mutli-ethnic community” (whether at Jacob’s Well, in Christian community or elsewhere)? What has been difficult or challenging about that experience? What’s been rewarding?
  • How would you articulate the relationship between the pursuit of life in multi-ethnic community and the gospel itself (i.e.—the core of Christian faith)?


  • The uniqueness of the church at Antioch primarily created two things: a bold witness for Jesus and joyful generosity among the people for God’s mission in the world. Have you ever seen these things at work in a Christian community? What led to these dynamics? What did you learn from that?


  • The examples of Barnabas and the church at Antioch were discussed as crucial to the formation of healthy, multi-ethnic communities. What in their examples did you find personally most challenging and/or convicting? Explain.
  • Are you presently being taught or discipled by someone from another culture or ethnicity? If so, what’s been helpful about that experience and what’s been hard? If not, what might it look like to pursue such a relationship? Be specific.
  • Finish by discussing where the sources of genuine reconciliation (patience, grace, courage, humility, etc.) are most needed in your closest relationships right now. Pray into these relational needs together as you close your time.



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