Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Vision of God

October 15, 2017 Speaker: Scott C. Jones Series: Journeying Home

Topic: Exposition Scripture: Isaiah 6:1–6:13

Isaiah's Vision of God: Isaiah 6:1-13

     The Reality of God


     Our Unworthiness

     God's Searing Grace

     A Costly Commission

Discipleship group questions

Launching questions

  • Have you had an experience of the reality of God? In other words, can you remember a time when God went from an idea/belief, to a reality? What impact did that experience have on you?
  • Take turns reading aloud the text from Sunday (Isaiah 6:1-13). What do you remember most from the teaching?


  • Do you think that feeling unworthiness before God is a prerequisite to experiencing His grace? Why so? Does that process resonate with your own experience?
  • Re-read Isaiah 6:6-7. Why do you think Isaiah’s experience of atonement is depicted as a painful? What might God be showing us about Himself, our sin and/or salvation through this image?


  • Re-read Isaiah 6:8-13. Why do you think Isaiah was willing to accept such a painful assignment from God? Are you currently embracing a difficult call in your own life? If so, what keeps you going? If not, do you think you’re purposely avoiding difficulty/suffering? Why or why not?
  • End your time by praying for two things. First, that God would reawaken each of you to the reality of His presence and activity in the world. Second, share how you’d like to respond to what’s been discussed and then pray into those specific things for one another.

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