Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Tale of Two Cities

November 5, 2017 Speaker: Scott C. Jones Series: Journeying Home

Topic: Exposition Scripture: Isaiah 24–27

Tale of two cities: Isaiah 24-27

     Introduction - Tale of Two Cities (26:1-6)

     The Lofty City (24:3-12, 19-23)

     The Strong City (25:6-10, 27:6)

     Jesus and Our Response

Discipleship group questions

Launching questions

  • Read Isaiah 26:1-6, 24:3-23 and 25:19-23 aloud together. What do you remember most from the teaching on Sunday? What stood out to you as you read through these texts this time?
  • If someone asked you why they should care about injustice and fighting oppression, what would you tell them?


  • Read John 14:23 aloud together. Have you ever experienced your relationship with God as a kind of "homecoming"? How so? Have you ever experienced Christian community in this way? How so? If not, what barriers have you encountered with the church and/or God being a kind of "home" to you?
  • Respond to this idea: "The worst form of God's judgment is to be handed over to our sin." What does that mean? Do you find that concept mostly encouraging or challenging? Why?


  • Read Matthew 5:14-16 aloud together. What might it practically look like for our church to be a "city set on a hill"  in Central New Jersey? If you've seen any evidence of us functioning in this way, share those stories with one another. What practical steps could you take in moving us closer to that vision?
  • Finish your time by sharing one way in which you'd like to respond practically to what's been discussed this week. Then pray into these things on behalf of one another.



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