December 3, 2017

God's Chosen Servant

Speaker: Scott C. Jones Series: Journeying Home Topic: Exposition Passage: Isaiah 42:1–10

God’s Chosen Servant: Isaiah 42:1-10

     Introduction — Who is the Servant?

     Identity: Chosen, Upheld, Delighted In

     Mission: Justice Through Humility

     Our Response/Responsibility

Discipleship group questions

Launching questions

  • Before you jump into the discussion questions, share some ideas on how you might use this Advent season to “keep first things first” and set your eyes on Jesus over the next few weeks.
  • Read Isaiah 42:1-10 aloud together. What do you remember most from the teaching on Sunday? What stood out to you as you read through it this time?
  • If someone asked you what it means to “seek justice and mercy,” what would you say?


  • Reread Isaiah 42:2-4. What does it mean to you personally that Jesus will not break “a bruised reed” nor quench a “faintly burning wick”? How might this differ from how you or others tend to view God?
  • On Sunday, we said that v. 7 is speaking both of spiritual and physical realities (blind eyes see, prisoners emerge from darkness, etc.). Share ways in which these images resonate to your own story of grace. In what ways have you been freed by the Servant?


  • On Sunday we discussed the need for those pursuing justice to be “proximate” to those in need. In what ways did Jesus embody that principle (think of specific examples from his life and ministry)? What does or could this kind of proximity look like in your own life?
  • Consider that Jesus, and we as His followers, are to be a “a light for the nations” (v. 6). What steps might you take—be practical and name names—in embracing that call this week? End your time by praying into those names/actions.



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