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Is God Listening?

December 31, 2017 Series: Journeying Home

Topic: Exposition Scripture: Isaiah 58:1– 59:2

Is God Listening: Isaiah 58:1 - 59:2

     What has become of the people of God? (v. 1)

     False Religion (v.v. 2-5)

     Pure and Undefiled Religion (v.v. 6-12)

     Our delight is in the Lord (v.v. 13-14)

     We have deafened the ears of God (59:1, 2)

Discipleship Group Questions:

Launching Question:

  • Read through Isaiah 58-59:2. How does this passage disrupt some of your understanding of God’s grace and how we live out our calling as the people of God?


  • Vs. 6-12 talks about what true fasting ought to look like. Why is this distinction between vs. 2-5 so important, and have you ever been on the receiving end of this sort of self-sacrificial fasting? Share the experience with your discipleship group and recount how that impacted your relationship with God.


  • Vs. 58:1 talks about the “house of Jacob” and their sins. Those who were considered the people of God were alienated from God because of their pursuit of false religion. Discuss some of the ways we currently practice false religion. Where are you practicing spirituality while neglecting the command to love your neighbor? What sort of things would the prophet condemn you personally for in your efforts to please God?

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