Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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A Hope - Filled Future

January 21, 2018 Speaker: Scott C. Jones Series: Journeying Home

Topic: Exposition Scripture: Isaiah 65:13–65:25

A Hope-filled Future: Isaiah 65:13-25

     God’s Defeat of His Enemies (vv. 13-16)

     Everything Sad Becomes Untrue (vv. 17-25)

     Our Response


Discipleship Group Questions

Launching questions

  • Reread Isaiah 65:13-25. What stood out to you as heard this passage read?
  • How do you normally envision “life after death”, eternity, etc? How does Isaiah’s vision of the new heavens and new earth challenge your conception? Which do you find more compelling? Why?


  • On Sunday we said that God’s future involves the defeat of His enemies and the undoing of all the “sad things.” What comes immediately to mind from your own story in these categories? What enemies do you look forward to seeing defeated? What “sad things” do you long to “become untrue”? Be specific and as honest as possible with your answers.
  • How might the death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus be the “firstfruits” of the kind of desired healing and transformation you’ve just expressed? In other words, given the work and impact of Jesus, how might this healing and transformation have already begun whether we realize it or not.


  • God’s kingdom—as described in this passage—has already begun to break forth in the world and the primary means of its inbreaking is us, the people of God. How might your life (consider relationships, roles and opportunities) be leveraged for the kinds of change envisioned in this passage? Apply specific verses/images from Isaiah 65 to these possibilities. (e.g.—v. 24 says that before we call, God will answer … this week I will seek to be the answer to _____’s prayers, whether they’ve actually prayed them yet or not”)
  • End your time by praying into what you’ve just discussed.


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