Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Family & The Story of God

May 13, 2018 Speaker: Scott C. Jones Series: The Gospel at Home: Marriage, Parenting and Singleness

Topic: Topical Scripture: Ephesians 4:31–5:2

Family & the story of God

     The Beauty & Brokenness of Family

     Facing our Brokenness

     Redeemed into & Sent by the Family of God

Discipleship Group Questions

Launching Questions / Challenge

  • Read Matthew 10:32-40 aloud together. What bothers you about this text? What encourages you? How would you restate the overall message of these verses in your own words?
  • On Sunday we said that we must face the brokenness in our family of origin in order to move toward healing and transformation. As such, spend significant time working through the two questions below:
  1. What destructive patterns in your family of origin do you find yourself most prone to re-enact in your own life?
  2. What are some of the “ten commandments” you may have absorbed from your family of origin? What were the explicit and/or unspoken expectations, behaviors and messages around such areas as money, conflict, grief, anger, success, other cultures, etc.? Have each person share 2-3 of these “commandments.”


  • Read Hebrews 12:7, 11-13. How does adoption/new birth into the family of God provide healing in these areas of brokenness? Put more precisely:
  1. In what ways have you experienced healing and freedom from the patterns you’re tempted to re-enact? What role has God played in that and what role has the family of God played in that?
  2. What promises of God rightly replace the destructive “commandments” you’ve just identified?

NOTE: These are admittedly difficult, vulnerable and complex questions to answer. As such, bravely be as practical/honest as possible in applying God’s truth and your own experience to what’s been shared above. You may be surprised by the insight you gain and the encourage you experience from diving into this areas together. This kind of work is at the heart of loving discipleship and is worthy of our energy/time together.


  • End your time by praying for God’s continued healing for one another and for progress in living into our new identities as children of our Heavenly Father. Pray specifically and boldly.


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