Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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Discipleship In The Light: 1 John 2:1-6

July 8, 2018 Speaker: James Fields Series: Discipleship In The Light

Topic: Exposition Scripture: 1 John 2:1–2:6

Discipleship In The  Light: 1 John 2:1-6

     Freedom:  Not to sin (v. 1a)

     Freedom:  Not to worry if [when] we do sin (v. v. 1b-2)

     Freedom:  To [joyfully] obey God’s commands (v.v. 3-6)

Discipleship group questions

Launching questions

  • Read 1 John 2:1-6 aloud together. What stands out to you from this passage? What do you remember most from the teaching on Sunday?
  • On Sunday, it was mentioned that for a true Christian: “sin is always a choice”. Do you agree? Yes or no? Why or why not?


  • Read 1 John 2:1-2. Be specific. In what specific ways have you experienced victory from sin in your life? Where are you still looking for victory?
  • On Sunday we discussed Christ being the propitiation for our sins. How would you explain propitiation to someone if they asked?
  • 1 John 2:2 says: “He is the atoning sacrifice [propitiation] for our sins, and not only for ours, but also for those of the whole world” What does it mean that Jesus is the atoning sacrifice for the whole world? Before Sunday, would you have answered this question differently? If so, how? Why?


  • 1 John 2:3 says: “This is how we know that we know him: if we keep his commands”. How do we keep his commands?
  • On Sunday we talked about Jesus being our “Sinless Savior and Sufficient Sacrifice”. Why are both needed? Why can’t you have one without the other?
  • “Believing that God exists is not the same as trusting the God who exits” In what ways in your life is God challenging you not only to believe in Him but to trust him? 
  • Take turns in your group and identify at least 2-3 ways where you have personally witnessed one another embody the person, nature and characteristics of Jesus.


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