September 23, 2018

Why Discipleship is “RELATIONAL”

Speaker: Scott C. Jones Series: Relational Discipleship Topic: Exposition Passage: Genesis 2:25– 3:13, John 13:34–35, John 17:20–21

Why Discipleship is “Relational”

     Relationship Broken in the Beginning

     Relationship Restored in Christ

     Relational Health and the Mission of God

Discipleship Course Reflection Questions

  • Read the encounter between Jesus and the woman with the issue of blood in Mark 5:24-34. Why do you think Jesus stops and engages the woman? Why didn’t he simply let her go on her way? If you were to encounter Jesus in a similar way, what deeper work might he seek to do in your life beyond what you would ask of him?
  • What kinds of fears feel most acute as you consider engaging the emotional side of your story over these next few months?
  • Read 1 John 1:3-7. How would you describe the relationship between fellowship with God and fellowship with others? What might be the significance of that relationship in your own growth moving forward?
  • Spend time praying that God would prepare your heart for this discipleship journey. Pray also that he would equip you through this time to more lovingly and skillfully engage with others for their growth as disciples.


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