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Ruth 2:4-16 - The Hope of Hesed

October 21, 2018 Series: Ruth: A Redemption Story

Topic: Exposition Scripture: Ruth 2:4–16

Ruth 2:4-16 The Hope of Hesed

     Hesed Leaves us Exposed (v.v. 4-7):

     Hesed Covers (v.v. 8-14)

     Hesed Overflows (v.v. 15, 16)

Discipleship Course Reflection Questions

Day 1- Read Ruth 2:4-16

  • What does God communicate to Ruth about himself in this passage?
  • What do these truth say to your shame and brokenness?

Day 2- Read 2 Corinthians 12:9-10

  • What does God say to Paul in the midst of his pain?
  • What encouragement does this passage offer you in the midst of weakness?

Day 3- Read Psalm 102

  • What do the prayers of the Psalmist reveal about God in the midst of difficulty?
  • Have you checked in with your spiritual companion this week? Schedule time to talk to and pray for your spiritual companion.

Day 4- Read Romans 11:33-36

  • The apostle Paul erupts in praise to God. What aspects of God’s character move him to worship?
  • How does the mystery of God move you to worship him today?

Day 5- Read Isaiah 46:8-11

  • Respond to the passage by journaling about what it means that God will accomplish all of his purposes.