October 28, 2018

Ruth 2:17-23 The Power of Hesed

Speaker: Scott C. Jones Series: Ruth: A Redemption Story Topic: Exposition Passage: Ruth 2:17–23

Ruth 2:17-23 The power of Hesed

     The Persistent Reality of Grief and Loss

     Hesed - God’s Healing Balm (vv. 17-19)

     The Cycle of Hesed (vv. 20-23)

Discipleship Course Reflection Questions

Day 1- Read Ruth 1:19-21

  • Have you ever felt grief so deeply that you felt it changed your identity?
  • Can you see God’s hand in that situation in hindsight? Offer your response as a prayer to God.


Day 2- Read Ruth 2:17-23

  • The overflowing of hesed to Naomi brings hope into her story. Have you ever experienced grace from others in a difficult season? Have you ever considered that as a blessing ultimately from the hand of God?


Day 3- Read Psalm 22:1-11

  • What words or phrases resonate most with you? In what ways do you hear hope attempting to break through the Psalmist’s despair?


Day 4- Read Psalm 22:25-31

  • What here suggests how the Psalmist was able to find hope in his pain?
  • Consider reaching out to your Spiritual Companion today.


Day 5- Read 2 Corinthians 5:17

  • Meditate on the words of this verse and allow the Spirit to show you the ways in which this reality is true in your own story.
  • Pray these things back to God.


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