January 20, 2019

Missional Hospitality

Speaker: Scott C. Jones Series: Faithful to the Core - 2019 Topic: Exposition Passage: Romans 15:5–7

Missional Hospitality

     A Clear and Present Need

     Gospel-Centered Hospitality

     The Challenge and Gift of Hospitality

     Concerns and Next Steps ...

Discipleship Guide & Reflection Questions

  • Reading this week: Luke 14:7-35

This week we will pause briefly from our normal “reading plan” to consider Jesus’ own teaching on hospitality (the topic we discussed this past Sunday)

  • Questions for Reflection/Discussion:


  • Point out the ways in which you’ve been positively impacted by the hospitality of others. What about these experiences stands out?
  • What encouragement did you receive from the teaching and/or panel event this past Sunday?


  • What are your current objections to living a life of intentional hospitality? Is the main barrier time? Busyness? Pressure to entertain? Isolation? Walk each other through these concerns and how you might address them together.
  • What stands out to you in the passage above regarding Jesus’ teaching on what hospitality means in His kingdom? What surprises you most? What challenges you most?
  • Discuss how you’re progressing with your “Rule of Life” and how your rule of life might be impacted by new rhythms of hospitality.


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