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Luke 7:36-50: People Watching

March 24, 2019 Speaker: Tyler Stowell Series: Luke: Encountering Jesus, Discipleship

Topic: Exposition Scripture: Luke 7:36–7:50

Luke 7:36-50: People Watching

     An Unexpected Guest (vs 36-40)

     The Secret to Spiritual Growth (vs 41-50)

     “Do you see this woman?” (vs 44)

Discipleship Guide & Reflection Questions

Week 5

This week we will practice the skill of listening incarnationally. This is not a skill many of us do naturally or consistently. Listening well means slowing down to enter into someone else’s world. Jesus, in humility, enters into our broken world. By moving towards us, Jesus shows us what it means to act in loving self-sacrifice. We are empowered by the Spirit to follow in his example. One of the ways in which we can self-sacrificially love others is to listen well and be present with them in their joys and challenges. This week, slow down to spend time asking God to give you a heart to love and serve others.

Day 1- Read 2 Chronicles 6:19-21

  • God hears from heaven and responds to the prayers of his people day and night. Spend some time now confessing your sin to God knowing he forgives you.
  • Spend some time considering what is beneath the iceberg. Ask God to meet you in your sadness, anger, anxiety, and joy.

Day 2- Read Matthew 6:9-15

  • Jesus teaches his disciples how to pray, teaching them to ask God that his kingdom would come and his will to be done.
  • What does it mean for you to pray that God’s reign and rule would be brought about in your life and in the world?

Day 3- Read Psalm 66:16-20

  • What word of phrase stands out to you in this passage?
  • Express to God why that is.

Day 4-  Read Proverbs 2:1-5

  • James 1:5 tells us that God gives wisdom generously to those who ask him for it.
  • Take some time to consider, where do you need wisdom? In humility, ask God to grant wisdom in that area.

Day 5- Read John 10:27-30

  • What a sweet truth that we can know the voice of Jesus! Spend some time today considering, what is your area of deepest need?
  • How might Jesus seek to minister to that need today?


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