May 26, 2019

Luke 10:25-37: The Parable of The Good Samaritan

Speaker: Scott C. Jones Series: Luke: Parables of Jesus Topic: Exposition Passage: Luke 10:25–37

Luke 10:25-37:  The Parable of The Good Samaritan

Review: The Purpose of Parables

“… who is my neighbor?”

The Surprising Response of Jesus

Discipleship Guide & Reflection Questions

Launching Questions

  • Reread the text from Sunday (Luke 10:25-37). What do you remember most from the teaching on Sunday? Have you come to understand this well-known parable differently than how you’d previously understood it? How so?


  • On Sunday, we were reminded that the parables give us lenses for seeing and understanding the countercultural, upside-down nature of the kingdom of God. If someone were to ask you how the Kingdom of God is different from the world, how might you respond? How might you use this parable in your response?


  • This parable calls us to a boundless kind of love and to choose love even when it is “undeserved” from our perspective. Is there anyone from whom you’ve been withholding love? Honestly share the reasons for your resistance and then allow others to speak into those sources of resistance.
  • On Sunday we said that to become a neighbor we must acknowledge that we “need a neighbor.” In what ways have you forgotten your need for Christ’s undeserved, costly love? Pray that God would reawaken you to the truth of His love for you, such that you can exercise radical love of others.


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