June 9, 2019

Luke 15:1-32 Lost. Found. Joy. Repeat?

Speaker: Tyler Stowell Series: Luke: Parables of Jesus Topic: Exposition Passage: Luke 15:1–32

Luke 15:1-32  LOST. Found. Joy. Repeat?

     Lost Sheep & Lost Coin (vs 1-10)

     Lost Sons (vs 11-32)

          Pursuit of Pleasure (vs 11-19)

          Pursuit of Relationship (vs 20-24)

          Pursuit of Performance (vs 25-32)

     Where is the Seeker?

Discipleship Guide & Reflection Questions

Launching questions

  • Reread the text from Sunday (Luke 15:1-32). What do you remember most from the teaching on Sunday? Have you come to understand this well-known parable differently than how you’d previously understood it? How so?


  • How might it practically impact your life if you truly believed that God loved you like the father in this parable and that Jesus was pursuing you, for your good, even now as your true and better elder brother? What would it mean for ways in which you are currently anxious, guilty or discouraged?


  • With which brother’s lostness do you most identify? Do you tend toward the idolatrous pursuit of pleasure, relationships or performance?
  • Who might God be calling you to pursue in His name? Be specific in your answer and then honestly articulate any hesitations you have in responding to that call.
  • Finish your time by praying for God’s help in overcoming the hesitations you articulated above.


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