September 8, 2019

Luke 24:44-53 - Jesus, Ascended King

Speaker: Scott C. Jones Series: Luke: The Identity of Jesus Topic: Exposition Passage: Luke 24:44–53

Luke 24:44-53 - Jesus, Ascended King

     “Then He Opened Their Minds …”

     The Meaning of the Ascension

     Our Response


Launching Questions

  • Reread the text from Sunday (Luke 24:44-53). What stood out most to you as you heard this passage read aloud? What do you remember most from the teaching on Sunday?
  • If someone asked you: “what does it mean that the Bible is all about Jesus” how would you respond?


  • Can you remember a time when Jesus “opened your mind” to the truth of who He is? Describe that experience and the impact it had on you.
  • When was the last time truth came alive to you like that?


  • One of the things that happened to the disciples after the resurrection was that they went from fearful hiding to bold obedience. Why do you think that happened?
  • In what areas of your life are you currently experiencing fear? How might the reality of Jesus’ resurrection speak into those areas of fear? Discuss and pray for one another as you respond.

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