November 3, 2019

Genesis 3:1-13: The Fall and Its Effects

Speaker: Jalen Baker Series: Alpha and Omega: Genesis 1-3, Revelation 20-22 Topic: Exposition Passage: Genesis 3:1–13

Genesis 3:1-13: The Fall and Its Effects

Take Satan Seriously

God is Not a Withholder

Do Not Be Tricked


Read Ephesians 4:17-32 each day

Meditate on this passage this week and consider one of the following questions each day

Day 1: Consider the description of life apart from Jesus in vv. 17-19. What word or phrase resonates most with your own experience of life outside of Christ? 

Day 2: Consider the call of vv. 20-24. What currently most characterizes your pursuit of personal righteousness and holiness? Pray for God’s continued help in that area.

Day 3: Meditate on v. 27. Where might you be actively or passively “giving opportunity to the devil”?

Day 4: Reread v. 29. What would it mean for your words to “give grace” to those around you today? Be specific in your response.

Day 5: Focus on vv. 31-32. To whom might you need to extend tenderhearted kindness and/or forgiveness today?


  • Read Genesis 3:1-13 together. In what ways does this passage reflect and clarify your own struggles with sin and temptation?
  • For those involved in D Course, which passage, principle and/or discussion did you find most challenging from last week’s session? Most encouraging?


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