November 10, 2019

Genesis 3:14-24: Far as the Curse is Found ...

Speaker: Scott C. Jones Series: Alpha and Omega: Genesis 1-3, Revelation 20-22 Topic: Exposition Passage: Genesis 3:14–24

Genesis 3:14-24: Far as the Curse is Found ...

Curses and Consequences

Grace in Judgement

Far as the Curse is Found ...


Read 1 John 4:12-21 each day

Meditate on this passage this week and consider one of the following questions each day

Day 1: Consider vv. 12-13. The love of God is “perfected” or “made complete” in our love for one another. How does this challenge you specifically this week? 

Day 2: Meditate on vv. 14-16. What an amazing truth that God lives in us, and we live in him. Spend some time in prayer today thanking God for the gift of salvation in Christ. 

Day 3: Focus on v. 17. We follow the example of Jesus as we walk as God’s people in the world. How does this truth challenge you today? How does it encourage you?

Day 4: Consider vv. 18-19. In what ways should the love of God shape the way in which you love your family and friends?

Day 5: Read vv. 20-21. How might you love others sacrificially in this season? Be specific and ask God for his help.

Discipleship Group Questions

  • Read Genesis 3:14-24 together. In what ways are you most aware of the effects of sin both within you and around you right now? 
  • For those involved in D Course: the last two weeks have been focused on faithfulness in marriage/singleness. What has most deeply impacted you from those discussions and how might God be calling you to respond?


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