November 17, 2019

Revelation 20:1-6: The Thousand Years

Speaker: Scott C. Jones Series: Alpha and Omega: Genesis 1-3, Revelation 20-22 Topic: Exposition Passage: Revelation 20:1–6

Revelation 20:1-6: The Thousand Years

How to Read Revelation Responsibility ...

The Binding of Satan

Those Who Reign with Christ


Read 2 Corinthians 1:3-11 each day

Meditate on this passage this week and consider one of the following questions each day

Day 1: Consider the description of God in v. 3. When have you experienced the comfort of God? 

Day 2: Consider the reminder in v. 4 that God is at work in us for the good of others. Are you in a season of being comforted by God or comforting others based on how God has faithfully shown you mercy?

Day 3: Meditate on vv. 5-6. How might God be calling you to share in the sufferings of Christ? To suffer for the sake of others?

Day 4: Reread vv. 8-9. Consider how Jesus is the resurrection and the life (John 11:25). How does this truth reorient you in the midst of suffering? 

Day 5: Consider Paul’s call to persevere in hope and to pray for one another in vv. 10-11. What comes to mind when you consider chronic suffering? (Note: it may be your own suffering!) Spend some time in prayer today that God would grant that person a continued hope. 

Discipleship Group Question

  • Read Revelation 20:1-6 together. Have you ever studied the Book of Revelation? Regardless of your answer, what was most helpful and/or new from Sunday’s teaching?
  • For those involved in D Course: discuss your tendency to either dismiss pain or trivialize the promises of God in suffering. How might you lean against your tendency this week whether for yourself or others? 

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