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Revelation 20:7-15: The Final Judgment

November 24, 2019 Speaker: Scott C. Jones Series: Alpha and Omega: Genesis 1-3, Revelation 20-22

Topic: Exposition Scripture: Revelation 20:7–20:15

Revelation 20:7-15: The Final Judgment

  • Reading Revelation Responsibly: Quick Review
  • The Final Showdown
  • The Final Judgment


Read 2 Timothy 3:10-17 each day

Meditate on this passage this week and consider one of the following questions each day

Day 1: Consider vv. 10-11. Whose example comes to mind based on this verse? What about their lives made a significant impact on your walk with God?

Day 2: Consider vv. 12-13. Persecution is promised to those who follow after Christ, while those who oppose him continue to deceive the world. In what ways has God changed your view of your body through Discipleship Course? 

Day 3: Meditate on v. 14. Looking back over Discipleship Course, what is the main thing that God has taught you? Spend some time asking God what it looks like to continue growing in this way. 

Day 4: Consider v. 15. What rhythms of Scripture-reading and prayer might God be inviting you into?

Day 5: Reread vv. 16-17. What is something from your Rule of Life that you might share with a friend for accountability?


  • Read Revelation 20:7-15 aloud together. To what extent does the idea of final judgment bother you? Why so? To what extent does it comfort you? Why so?
  • Why is final judgment necessary according to this passage and the teaching on Sunday?
  • For those involved in D Course: share the rule of life you developed at last week’s session. Discuss how you might practically encourage one another and hold each other accountable to your rule of life these next two months.

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